Ribbon Bottle Vase, no.6

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This collection of one-of-a-kind porcelain pieces with nature inspired textures create a mesmerizing landscape when displayed together.


This vase is glazed in a Snowflake satin finish, inside and outside to highlight the natural texture and beauty of the porcelain. To create the leaf ribbon, a piece of clay is delicately stretched and is carefully applied in a minimalist and undulating pattern to the front of the vase, from the top to the bottom. 

Great for tall stems and or grasses. Collect many to play off textures and patterns. Beautiful alone as a piece of sculpture or filled with nature, fresh or dried.

Porcelain is the strongest of the clay bodies, chip resistant and impervious to liquids making it ideal for everyday use. All vases are watertight.


Not long ago, husband-and-wife team Daniel Oates and Dana Brandwein led typically atypical New York City careers: Oates was a well-known sculptor, while Brandwein spent 20 years in the record industry, working alongside artists like AC/DC, Metallica, and Björk. Eventually, though, their professional lives merged as their personal lives had already, and they established DBO Home, their line of premium home goods. Now based in Connecticut, Dana works out of her ceramics studio, while in a nearby barn, Daniel has established his sculpture atelier.

Materials: Porcelain, custom formulated glaze

Dimensions: 3"DIA x 2"OPENING X 8.75"H

All One-Of-A-Kind items are non-returnable / non-refundable / not eligible for discounts. 
Ribbon Bottle Vase, no.6
Ribbon Bottle Vase, no.6
Ribbon Bottle Vase, no.6
Ribbon Bottle Vase, no.6