Co-founders Michael Zung and Alex Bates

Michael Zung is an entrepreneur with a passion for healthy living and healthy start-ups. He also has a passion for introducing artisan-crafted goods to a wider audience and for living with nature indoors. His motto? “More nature the better”.

Alex Bates is a design maven and obsessive gardener with a lifetime’s experience developing hand-crafted goods and brands that do good. She’s also a serial collaborator who brings people from all walks of the design and artisan worlds together.

Mike and Alex were introduced by a mutual friend and quickly realized they shared not just a love of nature but also a vision for a new kind of company. One that designed and curated the beautiful, meaningful, purposeful things you need to make a natural home.

Mike and Alex put on their thinking/designing/gardening caps and named the new company “Bloomist”, a nod to their commitment to helping artists, artisans, and makers flourish. And in the fall of 2018 (amidst a flurry of ceramic vessels, hanging mobiles, dried flowers, and green wrapping paper) Bloomist launched online.