Dried Lavender



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Native to the Mediterranean and known for its fragrant, calming scent, Lavender is a member of the Mint family and was first used by the Romans to scent their baths, beds, clothes and even hair.

This aromatic dried flower works well alone or in mixed arrangements with complementary dried specimens like our Natural Bunny Tails. You can also tie it with twine or ribbon and hang on the wall for décor and scent and use it as a natural moth repellent in closets or drawers. The lavender is grown on a family ranch in the Pacific Northwest.

Pictured in Tracie Hervy's Bottle Vase

Dimensions: Approximately 13-16" L

PRODUCT CODE: 82169334
Dried Lavender - Bloomist
Dried Lavender - Bloomist
Dried Lavender - Bloomist