Washed Herringbone Linen Throw



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This heavy weight linen throw is made from OEKO TEX 100 certified European linen with a subtle woven tone-on-tone herringbone pattern. It’s washed and sewn at AquaVireo in Sweden. Thanks to the pre-washing process, it is slightly rumpled with a super soft hand allowing it to drape beautifully over the back of a chair or sofa.


16 years ago Madeleine Slater founded AquaVireo in Sweden with the singular goal of producing top quality linen pieces without harming nature. Today, the company sources the best European linen and uses time-honored weaving techniques (including pedal-powered looms) to create beautifully textured pillows, throws, and bedding that are sought after the world over. AquaVireo also crafts pieces in wool, silk, and cotton.

Linen is made from the fiber of the flax plant, an abundant raw material that makes linen inherently sustainable. It’s also the rare material that gets better and more beautifully textured with time. Learn more about the many properties of linen in our Glossary.

Care: Wash in warm water then tumble dry on low to medium heat. You may also iron or steam lightly.

Material: OEKO TEX 100 certified and European Flax certified linen

Dimensions: approx. 49" x 71"

PRODUCT CODE: 95373425
Washed Herringbone Linen Throw
Washed Herringbone Linen Throw
Washed Herringbone Linen Throw