Antique Hemp Apron



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This wonderfully soft and versatile apron is crafted from recycled antique hemp and linen textiles sourced from Central and Eastern Europe. Historically, families in this region harvested their own hemp and flax, spun these fibers into thread, then wove the thread into fabrics that were hand-sewn into clothes and other household items. In its previous life, this simple apron may have been a grain sack, sheet, tablecloth, or even a wagon cover.

Available in solid and striped.


Patriae is a collection of original goods crafted from antique textiles sourced by company founder Barbara Pisch. Handwoven between the early-19th and mid-20th centuries, these organic textiles are rich with individual stories of family-based village farming, indigenous heritage crafts, and traditional women’s work. Each durable piece is handcrafted in the Patriae studio in Asbury Park, NJ. (Read more)

Material: Washed antique hemp

Care: Washer and dryer safe

Dimensions: 14"H x 22"W

Solid: 95616449
Striped: 95616443
Antique Hemp Apron
Antique Hemp Apron
Antique Hemp Apron
Antique Hemp Apron