EcoFaux Red Ilex Berry Garland, 6'



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Ilex verticillata

Also known as Winterberry, Red Ilex is a deciduous Holly featuring branches laden with bright red berries. Stunning at all times of year it makes a lovely holiday garland.

Our EcoFauxTM Red Ilex Berry Garland is handcrafted with eco-safe paper maché, not toxic Styrofoam, and the stems are made from Recycled Polyethylene (rPE).  

Deck the halls with garlands of holly and enjoy for many holidays to come.

Intended for use indoors or on a covered porch away from rain or snow.

Note that stems are flexible, and can be easily cut with strong, heavy-duty clippers. These are assembled by hand from ethical producers in China. Learn more about how our EcoFaux™ botanicals help break free of the Petro-chemical cycle in our Journal article here.

Material: rPE, paper maché, natural grape vines  

Dimensions: 6'L x 12"W x 7"H

PRODUCT CODE: 92333053
EcoFaux Red Ilex Berry Garland, 6'
EcoFaux Red Ilex Berry Garland, 6'
EcoFaux Red Ilex Berry Garland, 6'