Wool Scribble Pillow Cover, 15 x 24



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This striking handcrafted pillow cover with an original woven scribble accent is made using wool from Chilota sheep that are born and raised on Chiloe Island off the west coast of Chile. As a result of harsh weather on the remote island wool from these sheep is durable, extra warm, and highly desirable.  

The wool is first cleaned in hot water to remove the natural oils, then dried and spun into fine thread. Yarn is dyed using natural materials like leaves, barks, roots, branches, clay, moss, and minerals before being hand-woven on ancient looms by Chiloe craftswomen. These artisans use techniques and processes that have been handed down from generation to generation with families specializing in distinct ways to weave and spin the wool.


Founded in 2016 by Chilean native Catalina Marin, Treko (meaning ‘yarn of wool’ in the native Chilean dialect) is dedicated to preserving the textile traditions of the artisans of Chiloe island - part of an archipelago off the west coast of Chile - and to sharing the creations of these master artisans with the world. The company fuses contemporary design with traditional weaving and knitting techniques dating from the 16th century that have been passed down within the Hilluche community.

Material: Chilota wool, natural plant and mineral dyes

Care: Dry Clean Only

Dimensions: 15" x 24"

Our pillows are now available to purchase with or without our premium down inserts. We think this is better for you and the planet - we recognize not everyone wants or needs an insert. As a result they will ship without being pre-stuffed, so please show them a little love and stuff them when they arrive. Please note all inserts are sized up an extra 2" for a super cozy + full fit.

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With Insert: 65126148
Wool Scribble Pillow Cover, 15 x 24
Wool Scribble Pillow Cover, 15 x 24
Wool Scribble Pillow Cover, 15 x 24
Wool Scribble Pillow Cover, 15 x 24
Wool Scribble Pillow Cover, 15 x 24