Siempre Throw, White Stripe



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These soft, substantial throws are made from 100% recycled factory off-cuts that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.  Fibers are shredded, spun into yarn, and then rewoven into beautiful new pieces with meaning and soul.  Crafted primarily from baby alpaca, these are truly heirloom pieces meant to be enjoyed for generations. 


During a motorcycle trip into the Andean mountain range in South America, Steph and Kyle Taylor discovered the region’s beautiful alpaca fiber and hatched the idea of building a sustainable business around it.  They named their company Blacksaw.  The company’s goal was to create “meaningful possessions” from eco-friendly, sustainable materials; long-lasting, timeless pieces that are worthy of taking up space in your life. 

Also available in Black Stripe

Materials: 41% Alpaca, 30% Wool, 15% Cotton, 14% reclaimed mixed fibers

Dimensions: 59” x 79”

PRODUCT CODE: 85371121

Siempre Throw, White Stripe - Bloomist
Siempre Throw, White Stripe - Bloomist