Curly Shearling Sheepskin Pelt in Napa



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The better the sheep the better the sheepskin. These luxuriously soft curly sheepskins are crafted from ethically sourced New Zealand sheep that are grass fed and live outside in a natural environment for 12 months a year. Sheepskins are a biproduct of pastoral farming where sheep are raised primarily for meat. New Zealand sheep are farmed naturally without factory farming methods like supplementary feeding and intensive chemical regimes.

In addition to bringing a luxurious layer of soft, beautiful texture to your home, New Zealand sheepskins do miraculous things like help regulate heat and moisture, and filtrate indoor air. They’re also incredibly easy to care for. Use as a floor rug or layer on a sofa or chair. 

Care instructions
Avoid direct sunlight for darker items. Dry vacuum rugs regularly with a plain suction unit. Note that Turbo and revolving brush vacuum cleaners can damage the wool fiber and cause frizziness. Dry clean but only if dirty. Remember not to rub, brush, or massage wool skin products when they are damp or wet.


Auskin is an Australian-based company that sources, designs, manufactures, and distributes natural fiber products. These range from ethically sourced Alpaca wool from South America to ethically sourced sheepskins from the depths of the Southern Alps of New Zealand. All Auskin sheepskins are a biproduct of the meat industry. No animal is killed for their wool or hide. Auskin's mission is to produce natural products of the highest quality while making the lowest possible impact on the environment, and from field to factory, the company upholds the highest standards. 

Material: Ethically sourced New Zealand sheepskin

Dimensions: approx. 23.5" x 39.5"

PRODUCT CODE: 85207170
Curly Shearling Sheepskin Pelt in Napa
Curly Shearling Sheepskin Pelt in Napa
Curly Shearling Sheepskin Pelt in Napa