Malawi Sun Wall Baskets



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 Meticulously handwoven by the first female group of basket weavers in Malawi, these stunning Sun Wall Baskets make a gorgeous statement on any wall. Woven out of all natural palm leaves, they come in two sizes, 19.5" and 23.5" in diameter - and they look lovely paired together.

Baskets across Malawi are used for many purposes such as storing food, sifting grains and floor mats. These Sun baskets are beautiful as decorative wall art. 


Malawi’s artisans have a centuries-old craft tradition using natural resources and generations of indigenous knowledge. Unfortunately these time honored cultural traditions, embedded in craftsmanship, are in danger of being lost and artisans are too often underserved as part of the informal economy.

People of the Sun is committed to reviving these techniques, through business innovation and a shift in consumer perception surrounding the value of handcraft. Through design People of the Sun has developed a Circular Value Chain that generates social and economic opportunity for artisans at the bottom of the supply chain while also providing the market with highly desired home decor and furniture.

These will ship separately from our Atlanta warehouse and will not ship with other Bloomist items. 

Materials: Local mulaza palm leaves, natural dyes

Small: 19.5"DIA  
Medium: 23.5" DIA 

Small: 8147881Medium: 8147882 
Malawi Sun Wall Baskets
Malawi Sun Wall Baskets
Malawi Sun Wall Baskets
Malawi Sun Wall Baskets