Kalanchoe Flap Jack, Potted



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Kalanchoe Flapjack, Kalanchoe thyrsiflora (Flap jack, paddle plant)

Native to tropical Americas, Africa, and Southeast Asia, these drought-tolerant, succulents were given the common name for the leaves that stack one on top of the other like pancakes. The smooth, grayish-green, obovate leaves grow to 4-6” long, with blunt rounded tips and are covered with a white to grey powdery bloom that helps protect the leaves from sunburn and take on a striking red tinge around the edges if given enough light during the winter.

Easy to care for they like a lot of sun but can also tolerate partial shade but don't tolerate temperatures below 30º. The moss ball should be allowed to fully dry out before watering. Use a balanced liquid fertilizer weekly at quarter strength or at half strength every two weeks. Stop fertilizing during the winter when plant growth slows.

Be aware that all parts of kalanchoe succulents are toxic to pets

Potted plants come as shown, in their growers pot covered with moss set into a small  terra cotta Basic Planter,White Patina with a  Tray for Basic Planter, White Patina. 

Please note that the plants you receive may be smaller and less mature than the ones photographed. They will be eager for growth in their new home. 

*Note: These will be shipped directly to you from our grower within 7-10 days; any other Bloomist purchases will be shipped separately. All orders will be shipped via UPS or USPS generally on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, and only in the Continental US; we cannot ship internationally nor to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. 
Live plants are shipped on a weather-permitting basis. If the forecast calls for  extreme heat or cold temperatures along the shipping route, we'll hold your plant for the minimum number of days required to ship it safely.  Temperature swings in shipping can sometimes cause a temporary shock to a plant causing one or two leaves to yellow. This does not impact the health of the plant. Simply remove the leaves and care for the plant as directed. Live plants cannot be returned or exchanged. Contact us immediately if any issues with your order. 
Material: Live Plant, potted with a moss covering, in a terra cotta Small White Patina Pot and Tray

Dimensions: approx. 8" - 10"H, small pot 4 1/2"H x 4 1/2"dia

All plants are non-returnable / non-refundable/ not eligible for discounts unless they arrive damaged.
Kalanchoe Flap Jack, Potted
Kalanchoe Flap Jack, Potted