HA KO Paper Incense Refills, Black



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HA KO is a leaf-shaped incense crafted from Japanese washi paper and imbued with natural essential oils. When burned, leaves emit a light wisp of fragrant smoke that cleanses your space and helps transform your mood. This particular incense is specifically designed to promote relaxation and includes notes of vetiver, cypress, hiba, and bergamot.

Includes 6 individually wrapped leaves.

Each leaf can be used as subtle potpourri, giving off fragrance for up to three months, or as incense that burns for approximately seven minutes while cleansing and deodorizing an area. 

Simply light the incense, extinguish the flame, and place the smoldering leaf on a felt mat (sold with the boxed set, here). 


Morihata connects Japanese artisan makers and creators of simple, beautiful homewares and design objets with the broader global market. The company artfully curates a diverse selection of products for the soothing, natural home. Paper Incense is made by craftsmen in the Awaji region, the epicenter of fine fragrance in Japan since the 6th Century and represents a major evolution in incense that’s been in development for 120 years. Winner of the 2019 Good Design Award. (Read more)

Material: Washi paper, essential oils, natural dye

Dimensions: 3.5"L x 3.5"W (packaging)

PRODUCT CODE: 93402821
HA KO Paper Incense Refills, Black
HA KO Paper Incense Refills, Black
HA KO Paper Incense Refills, Black
HA KO Paper Incense Refills, Black