Gent Towel



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Nature designed flax fiber with a hollow core that pulls moisture away from the surface of the fabric which explains why these linen towels are so absorbent. Linen absorbs 20% of its weight in moisture before it begins to feel damp making it ideal for shining glassware.

These versatile, moisture-loving Belgian Linen towels are hardworking in the kitchen and handy in the guest bath too.


Since establishing the family’s first weaving mill in the small Belgian town of Meulebeke over 150 years ago, 5 generations of Libeerts have been faithfully and skillfully producing the finest Belgian Linen from Flemish flax. In addition to perfecting the complex aspects of growing, harvesting, spinning, weaving, and finishing Belgian Linen, the company has made conscious efforts to reduce its footprint on the environment. Since 2014, Libeco has been a carbon neutral company relying instead on the sun and the North Sea’s salty breeze to power the mill. (Read more)

Materials: 100% Sustainable Belgian Linen

Dimensions: 21.5” x 25.5”

Care: Please wash at no more than 30°C/86°F on delicate, or hand wash or wool wash with mild soap. Avoid chlorine bleach. Line dry only. Should fabric become wrinkled simply spritz with water and let dry naturally. If you choose to iron, please do so with steam on slightly damp linen.

Single Towel: 95404477
Bundle of 2 Towels: 65404477
Gent Towel
Gent Towel
Gent Towel
Gent Towel