Brass Frogs


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We designed these brass frogs to fit our new Ikebana vases, although they also work with other vases and containers including simple Mason jars.  Throw out the non-biodegradable floral foam and add frogs to give all kinds of displays stability. Use the frog with the large single opening to help propagate your favorite cutting or to force a bulb or a branch to bloom.  Use the frog with the multiple openings to arrange flowers and botanicals. And use the version with 3 openings to create simple Ikebana statements or to accommodate thicker stemmed species. Also fits our Kado vases

Material: Solid Brass


Bulb forcing + Propagation: 4.5" DIA 
Ikebana + Multi Stem: 5" DIA
Ikebana + Branches: 4.5" DIA

Bulb forcing + Propagation: 81140410
Ikebana + Multi Stem: 81140420
Ikebana + Branches: 81140430
Brass Floral Arrangement Frog 4 Hole Design - Bloomist
Single Hole Design Brass Frog for Flower Arrangement - Bloomist
Multi Hole Design Brass Frog for Flower Arrangement - Bloomist
Brass Frogs
Brass Frogs
Brass Frogs
Brass Frogs
Multi Hole Ikebana Flower Arrangement Frog in Brass on White Ceramic Vase - Bloomist
Single Hole Flower Arrangement Brass Frog on Mason Jar Vase - Bloomist
White Vase with Brass Frog and Dried Arranged Flowers - Bloomist
Stylized Vase with Dried Flowers in Four Hole Brass Frog - Bloomist
Four Hole Brass Frog atop White Jug Style Vase - Bloomist
Four Holed Brass Flower Arrangement Frog atop a White Ceramic Vase with Black Flecks - Bloomist
Two Styles of Brass Flower Arrangement Frogs atop Similarly Styled White Ceramic Vases - Bloomist
Contemporary Flower Arrangement in White Ceramic Vase using a Brass Frog top - Bloomist
Assortment of Arrangement Toppers for Floral Arrangements including Brass Frogs - Bloomist