Long Incense Sticks



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These long incense sticks are crafted by master incense makers at a workshop in the ancient city of Kyoto, Japan. Each wood box contains 50 handmade sticks and are available in three scents: Desert Canyon (earth, wood, and musk), Natural Poetry (oud and kyara), and Silence (sweet, warm, seductive). They are made to fit Agave Incense Holders.

Due to their handmade nature no two sticks are the same.

Burning time around 25 minutes.


Founded by Sarah Swartz Wessel and Ethan Wessel in 2001 Tennen Studio is a multi-disciplinary firm based in Phoenix that designs buildings, landscapes, spaces, furniture and objects. Whether it’s a dwelling, an interior, or something as simple as an incense stick made in Kyoto, Tennen pursues simplicity in their design work, both as an economy of gesture as well as a removal of the non-essential. The company avidly collaborates with craftspeople the world over who share their passion for designing and making. (Read more)

Material: Japanese incense, wood

Dimensions: 5.25"L / approx. 25 minute burn time

Desert Canyon: 83408559
Natural Poetry: 83408557
Silence: 83408558
Long Incense Sticks
Long Incense Sticks
Long Incense Sticks
Long Incense Sticks