Mendocino Pygmy Cypress Kokedama



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Hesperocyparis pygmaea

Pygmy Cypress, an elegant form, extremely rare, highly variable cypress from California's Mendocino Coast and only a few are available. It is a coniferous evergreen tree that primarily occupies coastal areas. It can get up to 130 feet tall and the trunk can grow to over eight feet in diameter. Most trees live approximately 100 years, and they grow 36 inches per year, adding 13 to 24 inches in height per year.

You can enjoy nurturing it and transferring to sequentially larger pots before transferring outdoors. Combine it with a Norfolk pine and create your own desktop forest.

The foliage is a dull dark to light green color, with tiny scale-like leaves; seedlings bear needle-like leaves ¼” long. The cones are small, under ½”-1” long, and almost spherical, with six or eight scales arranged in opposite decussate pairs.

 Full Sun / Partial Shade Cold Hardiness 5°F

Kokedamas are an ancient form of Japanese Bonsai that dates to around 1600 AD. These living planters are made with natural moss, soil, twine, and a plant. They have a sunny disposition and are low maintenance. 

Kokedama plants come with a terra cotta Studio Planter Tray, Whitewash

They also pair well with our Wrought Iron Planter Stand in Small, the Jikoku wood Base,and the Tall Goblet Terra Cotta Planter shown here, both sold separately. 

Please note that the plants you receive may be smaller and less mature than the ones photographed. They will be eager for growth in their new home!

*Note: These will be shipped directly to you from our grower within 7-10 days; any other Bloomist purchases will be shipped separately. All orders will be shipped via UPS or USPS generally on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, and only in the Continental US (except for Hawaii). Not available for shipping to California.
Live plants are shipped on a weather-permitting basis. If the forecast calls for cold temperatures along the shipping route, we'll hold your plant for the minimum number of days required to ship it safely.  Temperature swings in shipping can sometimes cause a temporary shock to a plant causing one or two leaves to yellow. This does not impact the health of the plant. Simply remove the leaves and care for the plant as directed.Live plants cannot be returned or exchanged. Contact us immediately if any issues with your order. 

Prefers medium-to-low direct sunlight.
Grows well in 65F - 75F temperatures.
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Material: Plant, wrapped in moss, with a Whitewashed Terra Cotta Tray

Dimensions: approx. 12"- 14"H

comes with: Whitewash Tray 92413943
All Kokedamas are non-returnable / non-refundable/ unless it arrives damaged.
Mendocino Pygmy Cypress Kokedama
Mendocino Pygmy Cypress Kokedama
Mendocino Pygmy Cypress Kokedama
Mendocino Pygmy Cypress Kokedama
Mendocino Pygmy Cypress Kokedama