Dried Manzanita with Leaves



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Manzanita is a small, woody shrub with twisting branches that look like organic sculpture created by nature. Native to British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, Manzanita branches come in countless hues, shapes, and variations, each with unique twists and turns. While most Manzanita branches are sandblasted and sold without leaves, ours come with pale green dried foliage intact.

Arrange a stem or two in a larger scale glass container (like our European recycled glass jar); create an Ikebana moment with a single stem (just remember to add a brass frog to the top of the vase to give your arrangement balance and stability); or remove the leaves and display the branch au natural - on a table, in a vignette, or on a shelf.

1 stem

22”-26” tall

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Preserved Dried Manzanita with Pale Green Leaves - Bloomist
Bushy Preserved Manzanita Branch with Good Color Contrast - Bloomist
Dried Manzanita Branch with Leaves Intact Inside Geometric Vase - Bloomist