EcoFaux Magnolia Bud Bunch



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An ancient genus that appeared on earth before the bees did, Magnolia is a hardy specimen with tough, fuzzy buds that erupt into magnificent blooms. Arrange as a single standalone branch in a tall European Recycled Glass jar or mix with our flowering Magnolia branches. Designed in collaboration with stylist/author, Hilary Robertson.

Note that stems and flower buds are flexible, and the stems can be cut with strong, heavy-duty clippers. Faux Magnolia buds are made of upcycled fabric from PET plastic bottles while the stems are made from Recycled Polyethylene (rPE)They are assembled by hand from ethical producers in China. (Read more)

Includes 3 EcoFaux Magnolia Bud Branches.


Material: Upcycled fabric, rPE

Dimensions: 41"L

EcoFaux Magnolia Bud Branch, 41": 82330985
EcoFaux Magnolia Bud Bunch
EcoFaux Magnolia Bud Bunch