EcoFaux Anemone Pair



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Nicknamed “windflowers” for the way they tremble at the slightest breeze, Anemone are elegant blooms that come in a variety of shades, though we’re partial to the creamy white version with their dramatic black centers. We think they looked most effective arranged en masse in a low, wide bundle. Designed in collaboration with stylist/author, Hilary Robertson.

Note that stems and flower heads are flexible, and can be cut with strong, heavy-duty clippers. Petals and leaves are made of upcycled fabric from PET plastic bottles, while the stem sand leaf bones are bioplastic. These are assembled by hand from ethical producers in China. (Read more)

These are sold as a pair.

Materials: Upcycled fabric, bioplastic

Dimensions: 15"L + 15.25"L

EcoFaux Anemone Pair
EcoFaux Anemone Pair
EcoFaux Anemone Pair