Baby Alpaca Throw, Herringbone Charcoal



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This soft, warm, fringed throw is handspun and handwoven from 100% baby alpaca wool by artisans in Patagonia and the Andes, and works as a luxurious, light blanket, travel wrap, or cozy shawl. Baby alpaca wool comes in 15 colors ranging from black to brown to gray, which means it’s naturally beautiful and seldom need dyeing. It’s also breathable, resilient, and hypoallergenic, which means it can be worn directly on the skin.


Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Animaná creates luxuriously soft textiles, knitwear, and accessories from 100% natural fibers including baby alpaca, cotton, linen, and vicuna. The company was founded a decade ago by Adriana Marina with the goal of making positive changes in sustainability and social development within the fashion industry. Animaná commits to providing economic opportunities for indigenous people, and partners with small communities of artisans in Patagonia and the Andes to craft meticulously handmade goods including throws, wraps, ponchos, and scarves.  Primarily women, these artisans use ancestral weaving techniques to make their wares, thereby helping to keep ancient cultural customs and crafts vibrantly alive. 

MATERIAL: 100% Baby Alpaca
DIMENSIONS: 52" W x 65" L

 Product Code: 85343581
Baby Alpaca Throw, Herringbone Charcoal
Baby Alpaca Throw, Herringbone Charcoal
Baby Alpaca Throw, Herringbone Charcoal