Baby Alpaca Boucle Throw, Ivory



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Perfect for cooler evenings or for cozying up on the bed or sofa, this luxuriously soft throw is handcrafted by artisans in South America using fine Alpaca wool that’s woven into lightweight boucle fabric. In South America, Alpaca are domesticated animals raised for the production of wool fibers and meat from adult animals. Alpaca graze high in the Andes withstanding extreme temperature fluctuations that give Alpaca wool its unique properties; dense yet lightweight, strong yet soft, and naturally water repellent. 

Our partner Auskin sources Alpaca wool from farmers who humanely raise and shear Alpaca. No Alpaca are killed for their wool.


Auskin is an Australian-based company that sources, designs, manufactures, and distributes natural fiber products. These range from ethically sourced Alpaca wool from South America to ethically sourced sheepskins from the depths of the Southern Alps of New Zealand. All Auskin sheepskins are a biproduct of the meat industry. No animal is killed for their wool or hide. Auskin's mission is to produce natural products of the highest quality while making the lowest possible impact on the environment, and from field to factory, the company upholds the highest standards. 

Material: Baby alpaca wool

Dimensions: 57" x 71"

PRODUCT CODE: 85307520
Baby Alpaca Boucle Throw, Ivory
Baby Alpaca Boucle Throw, Ivory
Baby Alpaca Boucle Throw, Ivory