Wabi Sabi Wreath

Heart & Soil


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Made of Ironwood pine, cryptomeria cedar, spirea branches, these one-of-a-kind wreaths are designed and crafted exclusively for Bloomist by Kelsey Ter Meer, founder of Heart & Soil Flowers in Newburgh, New York. Kelsey and her fellow artists create each unique wreath with fresh, sustainably grown ingredients, the majority of which come from the Hudson Valley in NY.


In 2016, propelled by a love of flowers and a passion to preserve the earth, Kelsey Ter Meer took the plunge and opened Heart & Soil in Newburgh, New York, a small town in the verdant Hudson valley. Known for crafting beautiful, highly detailed designs that incorporate locally farmed flowers and wild, foraged plant material, Kelsey approaches each project as a chance to tell a story through color, flower selections, and composition. 

Heart & Soil collaborates with a community of local flower farmers, artists, and businesses who are united by a desire to do good for the earth and soil.

Materials: Ironwood pine, cryptomeria cedar, spirea branches

Dimensions: 16”D

Fresh wreaths are directly shipped from Heart & Soil in our efforts to deliver the freshest product to our customers. They ship out express on Mondays  and Wednesdays. Please allow for a slight delay in shipping should you order later in the week. Available for delivery Nov 16th-December 16th.

Evergreens wreaths will stay fresh for about one month if outdoors (two months if in a cold climate). They will dry naturally and age nicely for the duration of the season.

There will be some natural shedding in the shipping process which is accounted for when constructing. 

Hang indoors or in a sheltered area outdoors. Evergreens are hardy, but their lifespan will be shortened if exposed to rain, snow, wind, or heat.

Due to the natural state of dried botanicals, variation and breakage may occur. Sizing is approximate. (You can’t measure nature.)

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