Round Salt Votives



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Deep beneath the ground around the oasis of Siwa, Egypt is a dense layer of salt that has been compressed for thousands of years. For generations, artisans have carved beautiful, functional objects from this salt, including these Round Salt Votives.

Stripes of grey-brown sand are visible in the votives, remnants of thousands of years of sandstorms in the area. Simply add a tea candle to create soft, flattering light that’s filtered through the salt crystals.  

Sold as a pair.

Note: Store in a dry place and avoid liquid as the salt will dissolve. Use with tea lights only.


10 years ago, Danish native Malou Lenskjold visited her cousins Ellen and Henrik Raven who lived in the Siwa Oasis in the Sahara Desert.  Inspired by local handcrafts and materials in the region, Malou, Ellen, and Henrik launched their family-based company, Sirocco in 2010 and introduced Egyptian made products to the Danish market. Working with local artisans, Sirocco designs and creates a wide range of furniture and accessories from natural materials including salt, alabaster, copper, stone, wool, and cotton. All products are made using ancient handcrafting traditions that have been handed down from generation-to-generation. 

Material: Egyptian salt

Dimensions: 2.3"H x 2.3”D

PRODUCT CODE: 83386227
Round Salt Votives
Round Salt Votives
Round Salt Votives
Round Salt Votives