Battuto Vase, Mussel

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The uneven facets of these porcelain vases are pounded into the clay, a process that inspired the name, Battuto” or “beaten”.

Display as a sculptural piece (one black, one white) or add a couple of stems, fresh or dried.

Expect slight variations in glaze color and size. Matte glazes can show wear and may develop a patina over time. (You can’t control nature.)


Not long ago, husband-and-wife team Daniel Oates and Dana Brandwein led typically atypical New York City careers: Oates was a well-known sculptor, while Brandwein spent 20 years in the record industry, working alongside artists like AC/DC, Metallica, and Björk. Eventually, though, their professional lives merged as their personal lives had already, and they established DBO Home, their line of premium home goods. (Read More)

Material: Porcelain

Dimensions:  9''H x 7"W x 2.5"D

PRODUCT CODE: 81109341
Battuto Vase, Mussel - Bloomist
Battuto Vase, Mussel - Bloomist
Battuto Vase, Mussel - Bloomist