EcoFaux Pink Quince Bunch



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Cydonia oblonga

Quince is a species of fruit-bearing tree producing round to pear-shaped fruit up to 3" in diameter that varies from green with grey-white shading to bright yellow in the fall. Quince blooms in late Spring, around May, and has soft, hair laden leaves. In warmer climates, Quinces will fully ripen and can be enjoyed fresh-picked. However, in many areas where they grow in the U. S., they are usually cooked and used in jellies, preserves and pies, rather than consumed fresh. 

We designed these in collaboration with author / stylist, Hilary Robertson and purposely incorporated realistic details of faded leaves and petals, as well as bug holes to capture nature’s nuance. 

Arrange branches in our Off-White Novah Pitcher or Leather Wrapped Vase.

Note that stems and flower heads are flexible, and can be cut with strong, heavy-duty clippers.

Petals and leaves are made of upcycled fabric from PET plastic bottles, while the stems and leaf bones are bioplastic. These are assembled by hand from ethical producers in China. (Read more)


Materials: Upcycled fabric, bioplastic

Dimensions: 5 stems at 46"L each

EcoFaux Pink Quince Branch, 46": 82330944
EcoFaux Pink Quince Bunch
EcoFaux Pink Quince Bunch
EcoFaux Pink Quince Bunch
EcoFaux Pink Quince Bunch