Botanical Mobile

Corie Humble


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Artist Corie Humble hand-cuts and assembles these balanced Brass Botanical Mobiles at her studio in Austin, Texas.  

Bring living elements to the mobile with an air plant. Or just add a breeze and watch it move.


Corie Humble, a veteran accessories designer, thought she was embarking on a new sideline in jewelry design when she signed up for a class in Austin, Texas, where she lives. She found, though, that her mind kept moving to larger shapes—and instead of creating jewelry, she soon discovered she was, in fact, a designer of striking, geometric mobiles. (More...)

MATERIAL: Solid brass

Every mobile is handmade with a limited production and will vary slightly. The brass is lacquered to protect the surface. Although, the lacquer slows down the aging process, the brass will naturally darken with age.

Water patinas brass, so all watering of air plants should be done away from the sculpture itself unless you intend to add a weathered look to your mobile or wall hanging.

DIMENSIONS: 40"L x 21"W x 2"D, 12" drop from the ceiling

PRODUCT CODE: 81307440
Botanical Mobile - Bloomist
Botanical Mobile - Bloomist
Botanical Mobile - Bloomist