Fireplace Broom

Forager Co.

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Crafted by Amish craftsmen using age-old techniques, this flawlessly functional hearth broom is designed specifically to clean between the hard-to-get-to bricks and stones of a fireplace. It also makes for a beautiful tool to clean up after a little re-potting. A sturdy leather handle enables you to hang the broom from a hook by the fireplace.

We suggest pairing with Forager Co.’s hand-crafted wood and leather dustpan.


Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Forager Co. designs and produces utilitarian products that incorporate foraged vintage and historic textiles, old stock denim, and salvaged leather. The company’s philosophy is to step away from mass production and return to a time of individually made goods.

Forager Co. supports a vibrant local cottage industry by working with Lancaster- based Mennonite and Amish craftsmen as well as refugee makers, and with the assistance of a small batch Brooklyn-based accelerator turns ideas and foraged finds into unique and functional pieces (Read more).

Dimensions: 3.5"DIA x 18"L

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    Fireplace Broom - Bloomist
    Fireplace Broom - Bloomist
    Fireplace Broom - Bloomist
    Fireplace Broom - Bloomist
    Fireplace Broom - Bloomist