EcoFaux Chartreuse + Chocolate Mix



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Create drama and contrast with chocolate and burgundy in the same vase as chartreuse! Designed and styled by author, Hilary Robertson this highly realistic EcoFaux™ arrangement includes all the components you need to replicate the look and/or create your own bouquet. Simply cut, shape, mold, and arrange stems in a vase, just as you would with real flowers - but minus the water!

Includes three 49” L Green Amaranthus Spray; three 24” L Scabiosa stemsthree 28” L Chocolate Cosmos stems; two 30” L Persian Lily branches.

Note that stems and flower heads are flexible, and can be cut with strong, heavy-duty clippers. Petals and leaves are made of upcycled fabric from PET plastic bottles, while the stem sand leaf bones are Recycled Polyethylene (rPE)These are assembled by hand from ethical producers in China. (Read more)

Components are shipped together individual packages.


Green Amaranthus Spray: 49"L
Scabiosa Stems: 24"L
Chocolate Cosmos Stems: 28"L
Persian Lily Branches: 30"L

Amaranthus: 82330952
Scabiosa: 82330935
Chocolate Cosmos: 82330971
Persian Lily: 82330975
EcoFaux Chartreuse + Chocolate Mix
EcoFaux Chartreuse + Chocolate Mix