Dried Nigella Pods


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Nigella damascena

Also known as "love in a mist," Nigella features clusters of natural green flower pods with deep burgundy stripes running down the side. A fine, lacy net of green vines (evocative of "mist") surrounds the pods, giving them an eccentric, otherworldly look.

Create a captivating display by arranging flowers in a slim stoneware vase, an Ikebana vase, or a terra cotta vase by Peter Sheldon (pictured).

One bunch includes approximately 30 stems.

Due to the natural state of dried botanicals, variation and breakage may occur. Sizing is approximate. (You can’t measure nature.)

Material: Handpicked botanical

Dimensions: ~ 17"H

PRODUCT CODE: 82160134
A large grouping of Dried Nigella Pods - Bloomist
Close up of Dried Nigella Pods shows unique purple and white striations
Strategically posed Dried Nigella Pods in a terracotta frog vase