EcoFaux + Dried Mix



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An effortless mix of EcoFaux™ and dried botanicals in a beautiful, neutral palette. Designed and styled by author, Hilary Robertson this highly realistic EcoFaux™ arrangement includes all the components you need to replicate the look and/or create your own bouquet. Simply cut, shape, mold, and arrange stems in a vase, just as you would with real flowers - but minus the water!

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Includes five 24” L Scabiosa stems; three 20.25” L Dogwood branches1 bunch 17” L Dried Nigella stems (shown with 5 stems) ; three 20.5” L Dusty Miller Sprays1 bunch 24”-28” Dried Spray Millet (shown with 5 stems).

Components are shipped together but untied.

Ecofaux™: Upcycled fabrics and RPE Recycled Poly-Ethylene
Dried Botanicals: all natural dried stems

Scabiosa Stems: 24"L
Dogwood Branches: 20.25"L
Dried Nigella Stems: 17"L
Dusty Miller Sprays: 20.5"L
Dried Spray Millet: 24-28"L

Scabiosa: 82330935
Dogwood: 82330929
Nigella: 82160134
Dusty Miller: 82330932
Spray Millet: 82160242
Bundle: 62330935
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EcoFaux + Dried Mix
EcoFaux + Dried Mix